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Friday, December 30, 2016

Meh...Not My Best Day

I wasn't feeling good today. Didn't get much done, outside of prepping some pastry for tomorrow... a pastry. I pulled a new piece of micarta out of the press. By layering it just right, I got a two tone block to work with.

Two tone micarta all trimmed up. If I was fancy, I'd trademark shit like this.

It's time to make some pastry. I want craquelins for dessert tomorrow...that means I need to start them now!

Mix. Mix. Mix. Seriously...15 minutes for the initial mix. Still needs the butter...
Dough is to knead it...and work the candied orange peel into it!

Ready for the first rise.

After a rise and a stretch. I can't wait to divide this up and bake it off tomorrow!
Before anyone complains...this recipe is from a copywrited book. Which means that I can't reproduce it without permission. That means all you get a couple of pictures. Sorry! But I'm a firm believer in intellectual property!

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