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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

A Good Wednesday

Pretty happy with this evening's work. Birdseye maple is the muse of the evening...

Paring knife after the first soak in oil. Birdseye maple, brass/stainless hardware.

A Small Outdoor knife, after the first soak in oil as well. Stainless and nickel hardware with birdseye maple. I did plunges on this blade to see how I like them. I think it gives the knife a classy look.

The one real tricky part about the Outdoor knives, both large and small, is getting the reveal where the handle meets the notch in the blade. Nailed it!
Two cherry handled Large Outdoor knives in process, two hunters, a Small Outdoor, and a Paring knife. I'm slowly knocking down the pile.
The two knives I got oiled tonight still need shellac and wax, but they are in a "finished" state, basically. I'll probably soak them just a little more before applying shellac tomorrow. The paring knife will probably get a handle tomorrow evening. The others will wait til the weekend (as I said yesterday) to get matched handles.


  1. Got my paring knife tonight and I'm very happy with it. It exceeded all my expectations.

    1. Ralph-
      I'm so glad you're happy with it! I hope it sees a lot of use.