For the manner in which men live is so different from the way in which they ought to live, that he who leaves the common course for that which he ought to follow will find that it leads him to ruin rather than safety.

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Stair saw

As crazy as things have been lately, between rewiring my house and working on my bike, I set aside a little time to get started on making a stair saw.
The donor, a clunky old Craftsman saw that I got for the hardware.

A few minutes of work with the plasma cutter...if you've never used a plasma cutter, they are one of the coolest tools EVER! High pressure air is forced over an arc through an orifice, creating a plasma, which is at some incredibly ridiculous temperature, which then proceeds to actually vaporize the steel.

One of the blanks.

The new blade. As you can see, I did a much better job cutting the slot on the left, a bit of clean up remains on the right side.  More to come!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Busy busy busy

For any regular readers here...I just realized I haven't done any woodwork, besides some bad dovetail practice for a few weeks! Between remodeling the kitchen, and working on my bike there hasn't been time. Yeesh! I've got tools to build, and projects to work on. Hopefully I can get back into the groove soon.