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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Cutting block finish

I've never been happy with using just block oil on my cutting boards. I think it's too thin. I started making my own a while back. Instead of buying more expensive block finishes, all you need is some mineral oil, a block of bee's wax, and a jar.
(oh an added bonus, it smells really good too!)

Some mineral oil (General Finishes in this case), a mustard jar, and a block of bee's wax.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lee Valley Low Angle Jointer

One thing a person will notice walking into my shop, is an abundance of Lee Valley tools. I like them a little (OK, a lot). Another thing that person would notice, is a lack of Lee Valley bench planes (or any "premium" planes). I have a few of their specialty planes and that is part of what drove me to buy the Low Angle Jointer.
My purchase of the LA jointer represents my first "premium" bench plane and my first bevel up plane. I wanted a wider jointer than my woody, which has only a 1.5" blade. I liked the idea of the versatility of this plane as well. Change an iron, and basically change the plane. Add a fence and make shooting an edge an effortless job.
So, here's my thoughts.
Fresh out of the package. The 25 degree iron is installed, plus I got a toothed iron, and the shooting fence.