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For Sale

 Dovetail Gauges

"Ralph" gauges (Brass) are $71. The Aluminum Seller's style gauges are $66. Includes shipping in the Continental US

I have a few pastry scrapers available for sale:

All blades are 304 stainless, brushed finish. 6" by 4.5" size

Bubinga handle. $41 shipped in the continental US.

Redheart handle. $46 shipped in the continental US.

Brazilian Cherry handle. $41 shipped in the continental US.

Each one has a number and my initials stamped into the endgrain of the handle, very small. That allows me to remember details.


  1. Hi Mark,
    do you do any outside machining jobs? I'm looking to get a dovetail marking gauge made and you have a milling machine.

    1. Ralph-
      Absolutely. Send me an e-mail ( with what you want and we can work something out.

  2. AWESOME - if I don't forget I'll try and do it tonight.

  3. Hi Mark,
    if you need to get an email to me use this one: rjb37 at cox dot net. You have my work email and I can't access it from home and I'm off until tuesday.