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Saturday, April 9, 2016

New Grinding Rest

Latest widget that I've been working on is a new grinding rest. I'm not satisfied with my current set up. It's difficult to get it set up and doesn't give me the results I want.

The new fixture will move the grinding down to the contact wheel, so now I'll be hollow grinding. Also, I'll have more adjustment to get everything nice and flat.

Most of the pieces, minus the top. Just a couple hours at the mill. Not a lot of special stuff going on here, some slots and tapped holes.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Grinding Gauge

This one will make more sense once my next project is done:

When making knives, I've been using two main thicknesses: 1/16" and 3/32". Each side of this gauge is milled to 1/2 of a blade thickness.

Mill Stop

One way to cut down on set up time when machining parts is to be able to accurately place them in the mill without relocating them. That's easy on the Y-axis, as the vise is typically orientated with the rear jaw along that axis. The X axis requires a stop. Here is the one I just made:

The stop mounts down on to the mill table. The rod can be adjusted to set the location of the part.

In use. Once the X and Y zeroes are set, the rod can be set against the part. This will allow you to remove the part and place it back in the same position. This also applies to making multiple parts. The part currently in the mill vise is a gauge that will get it's own write up.