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Saturday, April 9, 2016

New Grinding Rest

Latest widget that I've been working on is a new grinding rest. I'm not satisfied with my current set up. It's difficult to get it set up and doesn't give me the results I want.

The new fixture will move the grinding down to the contact wheel, so now I'll be hollow grinding. Also, I'll have more adjustment to get everything nice and flat.

Most of the pieces, minus the top. Just a couple hours at the mill. Not a lot of special stuff going on here, some slots and tapped holes.

The adjustable base assembly.

The top is too large to fit into my mill vise, so it was clamped onto 1-2-3 blocks. In this picture, I'm ensuring that the edge is square to the mill. The left and right edges are not important to the overall scheme of things. I found a rough center line and measured everything from there.

I did some manual layout to get an idea of where everything would go. I also scribed my center line. Once the edges were set square to the machine, I used a point to locate the center and zero out the mill. On this part, the relationship of the holes and belt cut out are more important than the overall dimensions of the part. So eyballing is well within allowable tolerance. You can actually get within .005" by lining this up by eye.

Mounting holes drilled, and belt slot removed.

Mocked up on the grinder.

This is the gauge from the previous post. It will help to line up the table with the grinder.
I hope to give it some use over the next few days to see how I like it. I imagine, as usual, I will find opportunities for improvement.

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