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Thursday, May 5, 2016


I used to live a pretty laid back life. 9-5, Monday through Friday. The rest of the time I just did what I wanted. These days...more like run, run,, run, run.

The last two months have been insane. No sign of it winding down any time soon, but still trying to squeeze in some projects. (I never thought my day job would be so crazy, ah well, it pays the bills and it's a challenge.)

If I didn't mention it before, I got a new rip tenon saw from Veritas. I got it for splitting knife handles and such. My dovetail saws don't have the depth of cut required for making blanks. It's a SUPER nice saw. I really like it. Maybe a more thorough review once I give it some more use.

Been getting my girls ready for riding. The Aprilia needed a new rear brake caliper. I also converted the air box back to stock and put the original gas tank back on. My Triumph needed a little tuning.

I haven't posted anything about this project. I've slowly been making a small dovetail smoother. These are the first shavings.

It's a little over 5" long. O1 tool steel sole, dovetailed to naval brass sides. The infill is Bocote. I made the iron from A2. I need to complete some finish work before calling it complete. I'm not 100% happy with the finish on the infill. I chose the wood specifically for it's looks, but it didn't take the finish quite like I wanted and it yellowed a bit. I can live with that. It has plenty of flaws and mistakes. In the end, I'm proud of the final result. I've had several false starts since I first decided to try and make one of these.  This time I set my sights on completing the project as opposed to getting total perfection.

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