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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Aprilia Gas Tank

The last time I worked on my Aprilia, I may have gone on a nice little rant about ethanol fuel. Ethanol fuels cause certain types of plastic and composite fuel tanks to swell. It's a little irritating when you go to put a tank back on a bike and it is longer than it is supposed to be and won't fit back on. The solution? Well, I got a used tank to run on the bike until my original one dries out and shrink back down.

With the two front mount bolts removed, the tank will pivot up. The two lines in the upper left are vents, simply disconnect them. The upper right hand line is the return. When you pull that line, if there is any gas in the tank, it will come out there. The banjo close to the center is the pressure line from the pump. A little gas will come out of there, but not a lot. The leads coming out of the bottom right go back behind the batter. They have a connector back there that simply unplugs.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Aprilia Stator (pt 2)

Going by hit count, nobody is reading here anymore. Ah well. I'm going to keep typing away into cyberspace anyway. To the three of you who read Part 1, here's the rest...

This is one of those shots that doesn't show much. Just know that the stator wires are routed through there somehow and it will all be good.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Aprilia Stator (pt1)

The last time I worked on my Aprilia, I determined that the stator needed to be replaced. Here's the teardown:

Brandy new Rick's stator, purchased from AF1 Racing. A quality unit at a fraction of the cost of OEM. An Aprilia stator is around a thousand bucks. This is about $140.