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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Geez, it's a box...shut up

How much can a guy go on about a simple box? Well, it's winter in Wisconsin, and I don't have a life. So there.
Anywho...since I shot my mouth off about sharpening, here's a big, fat, glaring error to look at so that we all know that this beginner doesn't think he's an expert just because he has the internet at his fingertips...
I glued the shelf in backward. There's a tiny bevel that was meant to be on the backside. I spose that's what I get for doing it at 4:30 a.m. before I have my coffee. Just because I'm a morning person doesn't mean I don't need my coffee.

Sharpening rant

I just want to rant about sharpening for a minute. When I first started out in this hobby (which is about 3 years ago, so you could say I'm still in the beginner's stage), one of the first lessons I learned was the false economy of the so-called "scary sharp" method of sharpening.
(the reason for this rant is a comment someone made about having the "right" tools to do the job, and told the other person to buy more sandpaper...c'mon)
The idea is that you stick sand paper down to a flat surface, say granite or plate glass, and go through progressive grits of paper to get your edge. It sounds good, in fact it sounds great. Some woodworking stores even sell kits to get you started. Ironically, the store that markets that kit hardly caters to hand tool workers. (I won't name them, but their initials are R.O.C.K.L.E.R., a place I now refuse to shop at because of the arrogant staff that look down on beginners and anyone that isn't dropping $5k on the latest laser guided nuclear powered chop saw, seriously it's an effin' chop saw)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Oak box IV (that's 4, right?)

Well, since my cedar for the back of my box came in sooner than expected, I was able to get some more done. As of right now, the box is glued up on my bench. Only finishing the shelf remains. Let's have a look at what has been done since the last time...

The three pieces for the back cut to length. I cut them just slightly oversize, but close enough so that a few swipes on the shooting board would make 'em fit.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Veritas beading tool

Before I sound like an advertisement, this isn't a review. Just a look at filing a cutter for the Veritas Beading Tool. I just got this tool a couple of weeks ago in my box-o-goodies. I want to use it on the back panel of the oak box that I am making to add a little something. While I'm waiting on the glue to dry for the panel, I thought I would document filing a cutter.
The beading tool comes with a single point cutter and 5 blanks. If you file each end of all 6 cutters, that gives you 12 different bead profiles. I pulled out a blank, and opted for a two point cutter. Here goes...

The beading tool, with a blank acting as a place holder.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sharpening a Veritas carcass saw

The time finally came to sharpen my Veritas cross cut carcass saw. The saw is 14 tpi and, according to the LV website, has 15 degrees of rake and 15 degrees of fleam. Up until now I've only sharpened my full size vintage saws. So I was ever-so-slightly apprehensive about putting a file to this saw. However...with the help of my new file guide, things went smoothly (not mention quickly).

The patient, ready for sharpening.