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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Geez, it's a box...shut up

How much can a guy go on about a simple box? Well, it's winter in Wisconsin, and I don't have a life. So there.
Anywho...since I shot my mouth off about sharpening, here's a big, fat, glaring error to look at so that we all know that this beginner doesn't think he's an expert just because he has the internet at his fingertips...
I glued the shelf in backward. There's a tiny bevel that was meant to be on the backside. I spose that's what I get for doing it at 4:30 a.m. before I have my coffee. Just because I'm a morning person doesn't mean I don't need my coffee.

The purpose is to hang this on my wall to house a few old tools. These are ones that I bought for the sake of buying, not using. Mostly SW stuff. There's nothing really special about any of them. I will say though, that the SW combo square behind the plane is super nice. My machinist's check square says that it's dead on.

The dovetails didn't turn out too bad. They have their little flaws, but I'm getting better. In the future, I want to make sure that I don't leave that base line when I'm done. Some folks like to, I don't. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with leaving it, it's just not my preference.

If you look at the bottom-right of that tail, you'll notice the plug. That is something that I want to get away from doing as I get better at this. The plug covers up the gap left after cutting the groove for the back.

I added a power tool to the shop (eek!). I was sick of lugging my big vac up from the basement every time I wanted to clean up. This little guy was on sale and fits nicely. The plate glass with sandpaper is not for sharpening, it's for working cranky plane bodies.

There's a few more things to talk about with this box, and I'll get around to it. The finish is mostly done, just needs wax. Next up is to make the cleat to hang the box. Lots of lessons learned, and ideas to do it all better the next time. I hope the next time is sooner, I don't want to go months and months between projects. Sometimes I can't help it.

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