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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Southbend Table (cont)

The paint on my Southbend table is done. The royal blue turned out rather nice. I'm going to leave it disassembled for a while to give the paint a chance to cure fully. The lathe itself will get the same color.

The idea is to let the paint sit for a good solid week or two before assembly. Though it is dry, it may not be fully cured. Like I've mentioned before, once the table is done, I will be able to build the machine right on top as I finish the parts.

Here's that repaired lug again.  Once this thing is up and running, with leveling feet, I doubt it will be noticeable.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Southbend Table

Part of fixing up my Southbend lathe is refinishing the table. It is a pair of cast iron legs with large angle cross members. For the most part, the table only needs a strip and repaint. The only real work it needed was a repair to one of the foot lugs.
I want to have the table done before the heavy work begins on the lathe. This way, as the bed and other components are finished, they can be assembled directly onto the table.

The lugs are necessary to have leveling feet. In order to properly set the lathe up when I am done, the leveling feet will be required...soooooo...time for some welding.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

'the hell is goin on?

Let's see here, looks like the last time I posted anything was on November 3rd. Have I been too busy since then? No, not really. I did have another surgery, and that took me out of commission for a few days. But really, I'm just lazy. Not that anyone is reading, but just in case. Here's an update on the radness going on around here.

Purchased a rebuild kit and manual for my 9" Southbend Lathe.

This is a casting for a T-slot cross slide for my Southbend.