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Saturday, January 18, 2014

'the hell is goin on?

Let's see here, looks like the last time I posted anything was on November 3rd. Have I been too busy since then? No, not really. I did have another surgery, and that took me out of commission for a few days. But really, I'm just lazy. Not that anyone is reading, but just in case. Here's an update on the radness going on around here.

Purchased a rebuild kit and manual for my 9" Southbend Lathe.

This is a casting for a T-slot cross slide for my Southbend.
This is a Cobb 90 degree intake for my Triumph. I didn't like the placement of the carburetor, as it was up against my leg. Time to cut it up and do some surgery.

From 90 degrees to roughly 45.

After sanding and polishing
And now LaCucaracha is off the build table. It's been two years since the motor popped. I have really missed riding this bike. Now she's red...really really really sparkly red.

I have to put the primary cover back on, fill the tranny, and splash a little gas in the tank. Otherwise ('cept for the weather) she's ready for the street. I have a few more little parts that I'm going to remake before spring.
This is my next project, a '69 FLH. My friend, John, who is the owner of the bike on the title block of this blog (which is also the bike I crashed) needed a new machine. This won't be a full on chop job. We're going to knock the ugly off with a giant hammer and make a respectable machine.
Soooo...there's an update, for anyone who might possibly still read here. Let's see if I can keep up.

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