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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Oak box IV (that's 4, right?)

Well, since my cedar for the back of my box came in sooner than expected, I was able to get some more done. As of right now, the box is glued up on my bench. Only finishing the shelf remains. Let's have a look at what has been done since the last time...

The three pieces for the back cut to length. I cut them just slightly oversize, but close enough so that a few swipes on the shooting board would make 'em fit.

All set for glue. These are too thin for the clamp that I would normally use, so I had to clamp them on my bench.

Using a bench dog and a spring clamp, I glued the first two pieces together. Here's a little tip, if you need to glue more than two pieces, do them two at a time. You'll have a little more control of the gluing process.
On the backside, I beveled the edges to help with the fit. The panel is slightly thicker than the groove. The panel will float in the groove, so just a bit of slack on the fit is ok.

Test fit. From top to bottom, it is too big, and will need trimming.

Using a marking gauge, I marked an equal amount on each edge and planed it off, until...

The back fits in! Ready for glue up.
According the rules I laid out for myself, I cheated a bit...I did more than one operation today. All that is left is to fit the shelf. After fitting the back, I added a bead detail around the inside, and I trimmed my little plugs where my grooves were showing in the dovetails. I'll show that when I finish the shelf.

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  1. Actually, that's six, four is (IV). Just to let you know, feel free to edit and delete this post.