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Friday, December 16, 2016

Keep Calm And Carry On

So, here in great white Wisconsin, we have a doozie of a snow storm upon us. Good time to get a few errands done and hunker down for the the weekend, right?

Not so much. Silly truck broke down. That kinda threw a wrench in the works for the day, but I still got some work done.

These were supposed to go into the mail today. The truck situation made it more difficult to go and get wrapping paper and get them out. I'll have to mail them on Monday.

The hunter is from last week...the others all got heat treated today. I've got a lot of handles to do!

I've got some red acrylic that I want to use for handles. I bought a giant block of it. I resawed the block, but instead of sanding it flat, I elected to mill it. As messy as this is, it's probably less messy than sanding it!

Blue G10 going onto a paring knife that I heat treated last week. This will be all cleaned up tomorrow.

I'm hoping that the West Systems resin works good for my micarta. I've never heard a bad word about this stuff. Luckily there's a marine supply store nearby and I can get the full line of West Systems products! I have a batch of micarta in the press right now, and we'll find out tomorrow how it performed.
 Speaking of micarta...yesterday's lay up was a total failure. Some idiot (me) mixed two different resins together instead of resin and hardener. I have a few different sorts of resin on hand for trial. This morning I couldn't figure out why it was still liquid, then I figured out what happened. Luckily I didn't waste too much material. I should probably color code the stuff to keep that from happening again.

It wasn't the best day in the history of the world, but it could have been worse I guess. I'll find out when I get the bill for my truck. Why can't stuff like that happen when it's nice out and I can fix it at home?


  1. It sucks to pay someone else to fix something you can do. But at my age, I gladly write the check and reminisce about the good old days.

    1. This ended up going beyond what I can do in my driveway during winter. My starter is junk, and the relay, and some wires. Nice, big, fat bill coming!
      Keep calm and carry on!