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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Someone Is Having A Good Day!

And that someone is me! I hope. This mood could crash and burn at any moment, but I'm going to enjoy it for now. As I was wrapping up in the shop for the day, I was asked to provide a price for nine knives. Nine! WHOA!!!

Anyway, I had to do some math and get back to this prospective customer while I also worked on the current projects. Let's see what got done today:

New safety glasses! I saw these in the Lee Valley catalog and couldn't resist. I got two pairs.

I also got a new Lee Valley square. I have a strange obsession with squares. I keep buying them. I should stop. But I can't. It's a compulsion.

Finished a Small Outdoor knife with red G10 handles and black liners. Stainless steel hardware.

I made a little improvement to my magnetic block the other day and put a pin in it. The pin engages a handle hole in whatever blade I'm grinding. This way, if the belt friction overcomes the magnets, the blade will stay put.

I was preparing two paring knife handles in cherry. The end grain started to burn a bit...hmmmm...let's try an idea and leave that dark burn on there and see how it looks on a finished knife. I think it might provide a nice visual touch to the handle. Normally I'd remove that, but today, I feel like playing with ideas.

Two paring knives all clamped up! And a glass of the good stuff.

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