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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Completed A Pretty Cool Knife

I finished my secret squirrel project tonight. I wanted to make sure the idea would work before putting it all over the internet:

A Small Outdoor knife with hand knit burlap micarta! A friend of mine does knitting and crochet. She was kind enough to pass some scraps my way for this idea. This is why I made the micarta press. We'll probably talk about the press tomorrow.

The handle looks awesome with all the squished yarn! I'm really into this. A whole new world of options has been opened for my handles.

It was also time to saw out the new blades. Here's a technique for cutting curves. Saw up to the line before following the curved line. These pieces will fall away and provide clearance for the blade. The size of the curve you can cut is limited by the width of the blade...this is merely a way to cut tighter curves. It also saves a lot of wear and tear on your band saw blades (as cutting curves is hard on them).

Rough cut to imperfection! I'm only looking to get close, the shape will be finished on the grinder.

Five blades cut out tonight. I have three Small Outdoor knives that need to be cut as well. I'll get those done tomorrow. Then all of the shaping and grinding needs to happen. I'm aiming for a heat treat early on Friday morning.

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