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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Ah Hell, The Weekend Is Over

What a snowy, crappy weekend! Since Friday morning, we've gotten about a foot of snow here in Milwaukee. I don't like it, not one bit! I hated snow before all of the broken bones. I hate it more now. If you have a plate in your ankle, you know how I feel. Enough of my whoa-is-me crap...what did I do today?

Two folding knives. These are kits, but you have to do the handles from scratch. One is done, the other still needs a little tweaking. Once these are done, my Christmas list will be complete.

Large Outdoor knife getting a crazy acrylic handle. This one will require a lot of attention to get it just right. It should look pretty wicked when it's done.  Yes, I still say, "wicked." Don't hate.

This pile isn't getting smaller! WTF? I need to whittle this down before I cut any new blades. All the bevels are ground, and all the flats are flat. It's really just a matter of installing handles. If I do one or two a night for the next week I should be ok.

I wrapped these and got them into a box to be sent to Georgia for Christmas. I wanted them to go out on Saturday, but the whole broken down truck thing slowed me down. But now, they are wrapped, in a box, and ready to ship.
Not pictured is the 15 layer batch of micarta I laid up today. It should turn out a hair over 3/16" thick. The resin is curing as I write this. At least one of the blades pictured above will feature a micarta handle. It should look pretty neat when it's done. I want to put it on all of those blades, but I only have so much right now. We shall see...we shall see.


  1. You would fit right in here in RI. Wicked is still said here with frequency.

    1. Ralph-
      I lived in Maine for a few years growing up, I'm pretty sure that's where I picked it up. You almost never hear people in Wisconsin say it.