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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Thursday Night Action

Thursday night hasn't been too bad. Got plenty done...

I actually finished this one a few weeks ago. I'm delivering it tomorrow. I played with the etch a "a bit" I mean that I changed it entirely. Just trying out new things as I go.

Got these two Large Outdoor knives shaped and oiled. Just waiting on shellac. After that, I can etch and sharpen.

I did brass liners under the scales on one of them. It doesn't have much of a contrast against the cherry, but its still a classy touch.

Then I decided I wanted to take another shot at my original chef's knife. I wasn't happy with the grinds on the first ones that I made. I'm using what I learned on the last chef's knife to make this one better.

One of the difficult parts of the last chef's knife was holding the tip of the blade during grinding. My magnetic block proved itself perfect for this task. Now I can control my pressure better. I can't wait to do the clean up on this blade and get it into the kiln! If I'm a good boy tonight, maybe I can heat treat it right away in the morning when I get up.

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