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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Not Much Makin'

Today's focus wasn't so much on making new stuff as it was on getting rid of old stuff. Seriously, how much crap can a single guy in his thirties accumulate? (that's right, ladies, I'm single)

Anywho. Today was a purge day. I had a mini purge last week or so, and kept it going. Shit's gotta get gone! Besides cleaning, I got some shellac and wax onto my bottle opener and got it wrapped up for the new owner.

This evening was a little productive...

I need a functioning lathe. Drilling concentrically down a small rod isn't as easy as it looks.

Shopping spree!!!!! Got a bunch of new knives, a new shelf for the kitchen, and a bending fixture! Some assembly required (and drilling, tapping, cutting welding, etc). Not really a shopping spree either, as it was a hundred bucks and I only went to one place.

Bending fixture is taking shape. I hope to have this functional tomorrow. This is all hand layout, no precision machining. That's 3/8" x 2" flat plate, and 1" x 1/4" angle. This thing should be stout! It will all make sense once it is up and operational.

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