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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Let's Wrap Up That Weekend....

Ok...well...where to start. I haven't mentioned cooking for a while so lets start with food and then we'll talk about shiny metal things...

Usually I bake my own treats. This weekend, however, my dad made stollen. I hung up the apron, drove to his house and grabbed this tasty treat!!!!!

I make pizza every Saturday. Being allergic to tomatoes made me rethink how to make them. Mostly I use pesto as my sauce now. Don't over do it! Toppings are prosciutto, green olives, mushrooms, and fresh mozzarella.

It's snowy and crappy out...lets get some beef stew started! A little wine, a little beef stock, a LOT of veg and some stew meat. I can walk away and return hours later to eat one of my favorite meals.

Had to pull out my favorite saw today. My diminutive Disston D100. It needs a sharpening, but I sold my saw vise a couple years ago. I'm going to look into making vs. purchasing a new vise for the saws. Time will tell.

I have two hunters on the bench that need handles. Well...not these handles. I screwed them up seven ways from Sunday. Ugh. Nothing like taking the time to match cut a bunch of padauk just to screw it up.

And then a visit from a local leather worker! My sheath for this Hunter is ready to rock'n'roll!!

Finger tat's are earned...never given. Damn coping saws. That'll leave a mark. That's the problem with trying to hold an irregular part when cutting...the saw jumped out of the cut because the piece moved in the vise. Very little blood was spilled, thankfully.

Prepping some Paring and Small Outdoor knives for cutting. I'll be sawing them tomorrow. I've got the outlines scribed and handle holes drilled. We'll saw and grind them to shape during the week. I'm going to add a few Large Outdoor knives to the mix too.

I handled one of the Hunters\that was supposed to get a padauk handle with bubinga. I've been wanting to do a dark handle on a Hunter. I like the contrast with the brass pins/tubes. I'll be able to shape this tomorrow. I wanted to get this done before shutting the shop down for the night.
And that's a wrap on a jumble of a weekend. Snow threw a curveball into my plans, along with some unscheduled chasing to help out a friend. Back to the grind tomorrow.

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