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Monday, December 12, 2016

Manic Monday

Monday is a gym night. So I don't get as much done. I go to the gym to pretend that I'm not getting older and putting on weight. It eats up half of my evening, so less shop time.

One of the handles that fought me yesterday continued to fight me today. It cracked. Only this time it was already epoxied to the handle. I now need to saw it off and clean the blade back up before installing a new set of scales. Ugh.

Secret squirrel project. I'm not showing the outside of the handle scales just yet. Not til I know this idea is going to work. But it's installed and we'll see tomorrow. This is a collaboration with a very talented friend of mine. If our idea works, it's going to be pretty darned cool.

I also added to my to-be-sawed pile. I'll get started on these tomorrow. All of the handle holes are drilled, and some extra holes to help with sawing. Onward and forward!

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