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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Lots Of Grinding...(and more)

So, last night I got the flat work done on eight new blades. Tonight I ground the bevels. I also got some other work done. To the pictures...

The blades from last night have been ground! After the bevels, they go back over the flat grinding platen to take the scratches out.

I can reasonably heat treat four blades at a time. So I cleaned and wrapped four. The others will probably get their trip through the kiln on Saturday morning.

Only a few minutes before this picture was taken, this was a Dickie's work shirt. I bought the wrong size and washed it before I realized my mistake. It's the perfect candidate for some micarta.

Two even stacks, trimmed and ready to be soaked in resin. In this case, each is nine layers. We'll see how the final product looks. I can only do one stack at a time, so if any adjustments are needed, I can do that with the second one.

Soaked in resin and in the press! I'll pop this open in the morning and see how it turns out. I just hope I didn't glue the press together. I had a scare when I did the knit stuff. I've added a lot of wax since then. I can' wait to pop the clamps and see the finished product.

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