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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Where The Hell Was I?

Talk about getting swept up in projects! I've been busy on a couple of things, and really have no idea where the time is going. To me, that's a good thing! It means I'm doing what I like.

I started yesterday morning making some blueberry muffins to share with my neighbor. Secret recipe!

After the muffins were baked, it was time for some heat treating. A hot tin roof doesn't compare to a kiln!

Ebony! I wanted black handles for the bottle opener, but I didn't want G10. I ran over to Woodcraft and they had a bundle on sale. Sounds good to me...that leaves more than enough to do a couple of knives...including this hunter.

Left over Christmas prime rib with taters and peas. A good dinner to round out a good day in the shop.

Today's mission was to get my drill fixture complete.

All done! This is the working side. The six outer holes have drill bushings. The center hole is tapped for a clamp.

Two of my three fixtures all done. The pieces being drilled go into the plate and are located by the walls of the pocket, then clamped and drilled.
Taking stock of my micarta. That's enough for several knives. All made by me! The burlap is from 1960, I have the tag from the manufacturer.
All done. A2, ebony handles, stainless hardware. I'm super happy with this, I hope its new owner will be too.

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