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Saturday, December 17, 2016

When The Snow Doesn't Stop just hunker down. Well, sort of. We had a break for much of the day and I was able to do some running around and stock up on some supplies. Then it was back into the shop just as the snow started back up. I spent some time cleaning the shop...the deep cleaning...the throwing stuff away because I haven't looked at it in a year sort of cleaning. I need to do this more often! There is still some cleaning and purging to do, but I had some fun stuff I wanted to get done as well.

I started off by pulling my first piece of micarta out of the the press. It's approx 1/8" thick and solid. The West Systems resin did its job. I will trim this to final size later and prepare it to become knife handles.

Speaking of knife handles...crazy acrylic I picked up at Woodcraft a week or two ago. This is going on a Large Outdoor knife. We'll see how it turns out tomorrow.

A blue paring knife, all finished.

Did you ever wonder what happens to the little piece of paper that I put into the heat treating bag? Well...wonder no more! That little guy has been heated to over 1700 degrees!

I believe I mentioned this handle yesterday...

Through the saw it went! Now to sand off the remaining wood and get the blade prepped for a new handle.

Before calling it a day in the shop, I pulled another piece of micarta from the press. I did a little adding up based on the first one and added more layers to make this one 3/16". It will get trimmed up later along with the first one.

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