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Monday, December 5, 2016

Anyone Got A Reset Button?

Looking at my title and suddenly wanting to make political jokes.

Anywho, my evening didn't go as planned. That's life, and we deal with it...

I laid up some laminated handles...and had a glue failure.

So, the red parts went back into the press with a black liner. Let's see if I get it right this time.

A chunk of cherry. Two knives worth of handles in there...

Then it split while I sawed it. Damn. I can get one of the sets, I'll go from there.

I ran out of time at about this point. So, I've got the rough work on a pair of scales for a Large Outdoor knife. I'll get these shaped and glued up tomorrow.

The split in the cherry meant that I didn't have enough for the Small Outdoor knife. But I've got a chunk big enough to do another brass lined handle to make up for my mistake the other night. As I've got another set of handles in the press, I'll have to wait til morning or after work tomorrow to do that.

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