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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Yesterday's Update, Today!

I wasn't feeling it last night, so I didn't do any writing. I just hit the chair and poured a glass. Let's have a look at what went down!

Took a break from knives to start work on a new project. I'm collaborating with a friend to make some new stuff. Anyway, I needed to do some angled milling. Here I've got my tilting table with the vise mounted to it. Getting everything straight!

Setting the angle is similar to normal tramming. In this case, I'm using a pair of angle blocks to attain a 13 degree tilt on my vise. Have to be careful, though, the points on my indicators are right on the edges of the angle gauges.

Soon...these will become a welding fixture. As this project progresses, I will clue you in to exactly what we're going to be making. I need a couple of welding fixtures, a drilling template, and a rod bender. All will be made by me...before we ever get the first finished product!!!!

Playing with kydex sheaths. This one is a folded style, on a micarta handled Large Outdoor knife.
This is a two piece style, on a small outdoor knife. After I make a few more of these, I'll do a full write up about the process. It is relatively simple, but requires a bit of care.

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