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Sunday, January 1, 2017

First Post of the New Year!

It was a busy day or two since my last update.

The meal with which I say goodbye to the year: Chateau Briand roast, parsley potatoes, and a baguette. This is my favorite meal that I eat all year, and New Year's Eve is the only night I make it.

First finished knife of the year. A Small Outdoor knife with two tone micarta handle. Alternating layers of blue canvas and burlap.

Got that drawer squared away finally.
These two cherry handled paring knives have been fighting me. I don't know why, but we aren't getting along...

Screw it! Cut 'em off!! I'll just rehandle them.
Far Breton, with no fruit. I've been wanting to try it this way. Yes, it is supposed to get super brown around the edges. Such a basic, yet good treat. It's not super sweet, and has a nice smooth texture. I like to sprinkle on just a little bit of sugar.

A tradition with my dad, we make cajun shrimp. Well...sort of. This is based on Chef Prudhomme's recipe. His original recipe has insane amounts of butter. Over the years we've trimmed out the butter and starting using wine. Still just as good, it just won't kill you!

Playing around after dinner with an idea to make a little friction folder. The cutting edge will be about 1 3/4". These are cutoffs, the lower piece will probably just serve as a template later. Though the blade may find its way into a finished knife.

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