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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Time Consuming

Tonight's task were slow movers! It doesn't look like much, but it took a while to get there. Combined with a trip to the gym and we have limited shop time. But first...

...destructive dimple die testing! I decided to destroy the work piece to see what my dimple die could endure. Mine is better than the purchased one! Not a scratch, nor a ding. I need to call the manufacturer and get my money back! Also, I learned a bit from this process and now know exactly what I need to make the die do what I want. I'm going to make another one with a different angle.

Getting set up to cut the angled faces on my grinding fixtures. One is getting cut at 5 degrees, the other at 8.

I'll use one of the handle holes to mount the blade to the fixture.

Getting ready to cut the second one. I switched down to a smaller end mill. The idea was to run faster, with deeper cuts. I wanted to compare the speed at which I could remove the material with a large cutter vs a small cutter. In this situation, it's a horse apiece. I had to fight vibration with the large one...which isn't usually an issue...unless I'm on an angle plate 5 inches above the table top.

Just need to tap the mount holes and I can test drive the fixtures. That may not happen until the weekend. I have no blanks cut out at the moment. I also have another task or two in front of this to work on. Stay tuned!

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