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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

More of a Prep Night

No finished product tonight. Just doing prep work for the existing projects on my plate. Nights like this are good, I feel relaxed when I'm just plodding along sometimes. I made more of the copper Loveless fasteners, but I don't think we need pictures of those, since we all saw them yesterday. On to the new stuff!

I'm a morning person. I'm up and at 'em about 2 hours before I need to leave for work. Time for coffee and all that. I think I need to make productive use of that time. I started a piece of black canvas micarta this morning.

That way, after work I could have a finished piece of micarta waiting for me! How's that for a constructive use of time?!?!? This just needs to be trimmed and it's ready to use.
I also blanked out some ebony for a hunter. There will be enough to do a Small Outdoor knife as well.

The other thing on the list was to get some handle blanks laminated. I have a pair of knives that require a copper liner under a mahogany scale. One set is in the press, and one on deck. I would like to do more black canvas micarta as well. I think I will let this sit over the micarta in the morning and let it sit while I'm at work...and then do the second copper/wood glue up. Once I build my new press, I won't have issues like this! For now, I can deal with it.

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