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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Now We're Talking!

I had a good evening in the shop. Even after going to the gym! Usually my gym nights make for slow shop nights. I felt good, however, and got some cool stuff done.

Craft paper micarta, ready to go. Look close...alternating layers of white and black. The base layer is actually three layers of black. That will give a bolder line on the inside of the handle once this gets put onto a knife. A little under 3/16" thick, and 5-3/8" square.

The Small Outdoor knife that I rehandled.

Handle detail. I sanded the handle to 400 grit and waxed it. I will probably apply another layer of wax later. I like the weathered look of the print.

Working on copper Loveless fasteners.

Cut to length.

I could have tapped them in the lathe. However, I was unsure about how easy it would be to clean up the threads after cutting them to length. That is why I cut them off before threading and tapped them in the vise using my tap guide.

Finished up and waiting for their knife!

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