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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Took It Easy Today

I made it an easy day today. I only sort of putzed around and made stuff up as I went. It's nice when every now and then you have no pressing matters to worry about.

I got scales onto this hunter early this morning. I've had this blade and another waiting for handles forever! Unfortunately, this is as far as this knife is going to get for the next week or so.

After handle time, it was breakfast time! Eggs flipped over some taters and bacon.

From breakfast, I went back to the shop and messed around with another small friction folder.

Pre dinner beer. I haven't had one of these in at least seven years. One of my top beers! Not for the faint of heart. If you drink probably might want to stay away.

Since it's Saturday, it's a pizza night. The two biggest improvements I've made to my pizzas: egg wash, and a 4-5 minute prebake. tastes even better.

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