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Monday, January 9, 2017

Taking It Easy

I'm taking a few days to lay low. These old bones ain't what they once were! After a painful ankle day, it's time to listen to my body and not push too hard. Let's see what's been happening:

I swung out by my dad's place yesterday. He had a few boxes of stuff from the old days down stairs, I brought everything home and went through it all. Much of it got thrown in the shit can. I cast this little anvil during my freshman year of high school.

Amongst all the old crap was this folding knife. I found it in the woods like this many many years ago. I think I've got the skills to think about restoring it one of these days.

Just finished. An ebony handled Small Outdoor knife.

Another handle going on.

Rough cut and mocked up the parts for my new micarta press. There's still quite a bit of trimming and stuff to do. We'll see about assembly and a test drive in the next few days...if all goes well.

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