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Friday, January 6, 2017

Last Night's Knives...Today!

Basically, I'm at the point that I wanted to be last night. My pair of copper/mahogany Outdoor knives are sitting on the bench right now...curing. Let's see how I got there...

I usually rough saw the handles a bit...the rest will be done post glue-up. I traced the blade onto the copper liners so I could...

...drill a bunch of holes! These holes give the epoxy a something to grip on. I just punch a bunch of 1/16" holes through the liners. As long as I stay inside the lines, I'm good.

Deburred and flattened.

Ready for glue up! The only difference here is that I'm using polyester resin for the bonding. I think it may be stronger in the long run.

These will sit until tomorrow after noon.

And then it will be time to work on the ebony handled hunter! I can't wait to do this one, I think it'll be awesome.

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