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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Baby, It's Cold Inside

I got home from work, ready to rock'n'roll! Only to find the inside temperature of my house at 46 degrees! I'm seriously going to take a cutting torch to my furnace one of these days. It's four freaking years old!! It has broken down four times!!! I'm not a happy camper. This also meant some lost shop time. Here's what I actually accomplished.

Grinding dust and sanding dust are part of my life. The problem is that I have a beard. Dust masks and respirators don't work so good with beards. I'll be damned if I'm going to shave!! Enter the Resp-O-Rator. Giving this thing a test drive. It takes some getting used to, but I like having HEPA filters!

Copper liners bonded to mahogany scales. Ready for drilling and shaping.

Holes drilled and counterbored.

All of this needs to be put together. However, I lost time to my furnace situation. I have some shaping to do before these get installed on the blades. It will have to wait until tomorrow evening.

I wanted to get this canvas laid up into a block of micarta tonight as well. I have a strange, sneaking suspicion that it won't happen before I go to bed. If I'm a good boy and get up early, I can get it into the press before work in the morning.


  1. I don't know of any epoxy that cures to good at 46°F. Good luck at getting heat back.

    1. You're right, Ralph! Epoxy doesn't like doing its job below 60 degrees. Luckily, by the time of writing last night, the house was warming back up.