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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Today's Progress

The rest of my day...

Primary task was to get the permanent table top for the lathe done.

My Bosch cordless doesn't have big enough jaws for the counterbore I needed. So...out comes the vintage cordless!

I drilled all of the holes I needed, bolted it down to the legs and then cut the top to shape.

This table now gives me plenty of work room for the lathe. I can keep tools, tooling, parts, and possibly an adult beverage all at hand. I plan to add some storage under the table extension. Possibly a keeper for drill chucks and centers as well.

My first pair of flat ground Outdoor knives...

My favorite part right there.

Dinner time snuck up on me. My Saturday ritual!

Heat treat and temper all done.

I thought a burlap handle on a paring knife would be fun. We'll find out tomorrow.

While the paring knife was curing, I got some of the finish grinding done on the bevels of the new Outdoor knives. It would be pretty awesome if I carry enough momentum into tomorrow to get handles onto these!

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