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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

After a While, You Run Out of Witty Titles

I'm sure as hell not going to waste one on a short post like this either!!!

A heart. Cut out of redheart. I had an artsy idea...we'll see where it goes.

This paring knife is just about done. I just got a call about my etch stencils. I ordered them back in mid December. Turns out the guy that makes them got sick. He's better now and they went into the mail today! I'll hold onto this knife until I get the new stencils.

Ebony. The two pieces that I resawed are a little thinner than I'd like to use for a hunter. I can get a pair of Outdoor knives out of that if I want. I'm prepping that single thick piece to try and resaw. I hope I can get the thickness I want, but my sawing needs to be dead on to avoid any more material removal than necessary.

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  1. Sometimes it's harder to write a title that grabs you then all the other keyboard diarrhea that follows.