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Friday, November 11, 2011

Rebuilding the Suicide Grinder (part 2)

Part One is here.
Here's the basic components for the grinding "head". I think I'll call it that from now on, yes, the grinding head. So, we now have a pair of Koyo 6023ZZ bearings (the ZZ is secret bearing code for two metal shields), these are really common bearings, about $4 each. How common are they? They're so common that they are the same bearings that I use for the front wheel of my chopper. If I trust my life to them, I can trust my irons to them. They're 17mm x 40mm, by the way. Also have the new belt, a minor investment of $13. The axle has been cleaned and deburred. The nuts and side plates for the wheels have been cleaned as well, with some chemical conversion coating applied for good measure. Next step is to lay out the base plate. I could mount straight to the bench, but then it would all be too easy!
Simple enough. Just remember to put the belt on before installing the axle. Otherwise, you gotta take the whole kit and kaboodle apart again!

The assembled grinder head. Ready for another lifetime (or three) of service.
After the base plate is laid out and put together, I'll order my wheels. Once the wheels arrive, it's time to make the rests. We're having a good discussion about tool rests at Sawmill Creek.

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