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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Damn, sometimes them ole tools are sweet!

Nothing real instructive here, I just feel the need to gloat a little. A few weeks ago, I picked up a junker of a saw. An Atkins 53 to be exact. I loved the handle, the blade was a nice length and dead straight. I resharpened it to a rip profile because I wanted a short ripper. I don't have a saw bench right now, so a shorter rip saw is easier for me to use (not to mention they fit my arm length better). Anyway, I had to rip a piece of Ambrosia Maple for my coffee table. Oh! Sweet goodness! That thing cuts straight.

It's a nice feeling when a saw you sharpened and tuned performs this well. Mind you, this was not a six foot long cut through two inch rock maple, but that's still pretty darned good for a novice.

My next surprise for the evening involved my crusty old Craftsman plane. I had the irons for my go-to smoothers pulled out because they need to be sharpened. This plane has already proved that it works well, but this blew me away when I went to clean up those freshly ripped pieces.

That's as good as my wooden smoothers.
Did I mention crusty? That old iron takes a very keen edge. Old plane, thou art now dubbed "Sir Crusty Wood Muncher."

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