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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Panel Gauge

This is a panel gauge I picked up a while back. They are very nice to have, since a typical marking gauge is only 6". It had no pin or cutter, presumably it got lost along the way. I cut a drill bit down, and reshaped the end so I could have a cutting gauge as opposed to a pin. Using a cutter makes a mark more like a marking knife, they tend to tear less. The button on the end, just inside of the cutter makes a nice little depth stop, it limits how far you can push the cutter down.
Look closely at the shape of the cutter, the working end is facing up. Also shown is the "depth stop." I believe that the original pin or cutter was mounted in the button.

There's a little slop in the head and it allows the gauge to rack slightly. I can do one of three things to solve that problem: make a new stock, add a shim to the head, make a new gauge. I think the best route for me is to shim the mortice in the head, I can adjust the fit with a float. I'm going to make another panel gauge eventually too.

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