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Monday, November 7, 2011

Rebuilding the Suicide Grinder (part 1)

I've started the clean up process for my General grinder. First mistake has already been made, the decals didn't survive the hot water wash. They stood up to PD-680 solvent, but the water got 'em in the rinse. Damn. The housing is ready for the new bearings, and the axle just needs a small burr removed from the pulley area.
The housing, all cleaned up.

Yup, just as you thought...that's the axle (exciting, eh?)

Front view. Looks like something from an old Dr. Who episode.

Inside the housing.
I have a plan for the base. Typically the motor would be mounted down below. In this case, the motor will be mounted on the table as well. My idea is to make a mount plate that's long enough for the grinder housing and the motor.  The reason? I think it will make the unit more solid, and offer easier belt tension adjustments. It will also be easier to move, though very heavy. The boring part is over, the next time we visit this topic, we should see some rebuild progress and fabrication.

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