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Monday, November 21, 2016

New Knifey Things...

Been working on sharp things...

The key to a chef's knife? Thin is in! This blade started at 1/8" thick. I used a 2 degree taper on each side to bring it down.

Looks good to me! Ready to be cooked. My favorite tool company, Lee Valley/Veritas has a knife they call the "peasant's knife." I have one and I adore it. I've used it for several years. It cuts EVERYTHING I cook.The point of this knife is to not copy or match it...but to beat it. That's a tall order from where I'm standing. Like I said, it's my go-to knife. Once this one is done, I'll do a side by side test. I want to know if I can beat my favorite knife with one that I made myself.

I've only made one hunting knife so far. I REALLY like it. It's a cool knife with a lot of character. It's time for a permanent pattern and Version 2. Bottom is the pattern, I laid out the holes for the handle hardware and scribed the outline onto the blank, top. Version 2 is a bit longer than the original, but only a smidge I can't wait to grind this out and get it built. I plan on completing this as a gift for my cousin. He doesn't read here so I can say that without giving away the surprise!

I added the handle holes to the pattern and then transferred them to the blank. I also chain drilled the blank to make sawing a little easier. Drilling holes around complex curves helps in the sawing process A LOT. It gives the saw blade some relief. Afterwards, you can clean it up on the grinder.

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