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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

New Knife Design

It's not my intent to keep coming up with new knife designs. This one, however, I wanted to make as soon as I thought of it. I believe I mentioned the beginnings of this new design in a recent post. Between you, me, and the rest of the internet, I'd like to find just a few designs that I enjoy making again and again...with the occasional custom shape thrown in for good measure. As opposed to having a gazillion "standard" shapes.

These are the large version of my outdoor knife. The top one has bubinga handles and brass/stainless hardware. The lower one has blue G-10 with a black liner, and stainless hardware. The blades are ground with a 12" hollow grind. The top has a full plunge grind, and the bottom is ground all the way back (I'm calling it a half plunge). 6 1/4" OA with 3 1/4" blades.

As long as I'm working with a new design, I made the handles different thicknesses too. I'm finding I like thin handles more and more. They look cleaner, and when shaped just right, are really comfortable to hold.

A large and small comparison.
While I worked on these, I had several other blades in process as well. I'll be finishing those up soon. I hope!

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