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Friday, November 18, 2016

Grinding Rest Redo

I've said it before that I rely on jigs and fixtures because my free handing skills aren't so good. That means that the guides I use need to be accurate and user friendly. My existing grinding rest for my belt grinder was neither, so it was time to remake it. Here's just a glimpse into one of the parts...

One reason I was putting off this upgrade was the fact that I didn't have a rotary table. Well...guess who has one now! First order of business is to find the center of the table, and that's done with a coaxial indicator.

An adjuster in the raw, with only the pivot hole and basic outside dimensions established. I need to machine all the way through it, so I can't clamp it directly to the rotary table. So it is instead clamped to a plate which is clamped to the table. Clamping by a single pivot hole means trouble, so....

I pocketed the clamp plate. The left, and far shoulders are cut to match the pivot. This way they provide stops and help hold it during machining.

Ready to come out of the clamp.

The arcs get machined into the clamp plate during the whole process. This is why you wouldn't want to clamp directly to the table.

Alright...gotta do another one!

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