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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Flat Platen For My Grinder

As long as I'm knocking out shop projects, it's time for a flat platen for my grinder. Up til now, I've been using my Kalamazoo for flat work. The motor is old and tired, and the whole grinder was ready for out-moding when I moved up to my 2x72 grinder. It served its purpose and got me moving. Once the flat platen is done, all the work I do can be completed on my large grinder, and I can move the Kalamazoo to the shelf.

The basic frame, with wheels installed. I rough cut this on the band saw and milled the edges. The corners were all done on the grinder, and I laid out the holes the old fashioned way and punched them on the drill press. There's an oopsie or two one the radii, but that's all superficial. Since it's for me, I can live with it.

Nothing is flat, unless you make it flat. I've machined the mating surfaces to ensure they are square and flat to each other. The arc hole pattern will allow me to adjust the angle of the frame if I see fit. The other holes are for mounting a work rest.

The frame and tooling arm installed. At this point, it's a slack belt attachment. I need to add the platen and a work rest. That was a lot for today (along with other projects), so it will wait just a bit to be completed.

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