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Saturday, November 26, 2016

New Knife and New Grinding Rest

Two new things to emerge from my shop. First is a new chef's knife. Second is a work rest for the flat platen attachment.

At 10 3/8" OA with a 5 3/4" blade this is the perfect size for my kitchen. The blade was flat ground at 2 degrees on each side to make it super skinny towards the cutting edge. The thickest portion of the spine is 1/8". The handle is matched padauk with brass and stainless fasteners. It has its flaws, but is good for me. There's that old saying, "perfection is the enemy of good enough." When you're learning something, you have to remember that you won't get perfection the first time around. Or even the second or third. As long as I learn and do better every time, then I'm happy.

For now, a fixed work rest is made and mounted on my flat platen. This hereby renders my Kalamazoo retired. I'll be taking it out of commission today. I still have a lot of belts for it, so I may find another use for it later. It is no longer needed for knifemaking, as I can do all of my flat work on my big grinder now. The next step is an adjustable rest for angled work.


  1. I like the look of the new knife. What is the center hole for?

    1. Ralph,
      The center hole is purely decorative. It's a piece of brass tube. That being said, it is possible to use hollow pins as functional handle rivets...but that's an upcoming discussion (in other words, keep yer eyes peeled)