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Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Inertia says that an object at rest will stay as such, and a moving object will stay moving. That is, until they are acted on by an outside force. I'm getting better at staying moving once I'm there. I'm using inertia to keep my lazy butt focused on getting things made. As long as I don't park on the couch, I can keep going until the neighbors complain about the noise.

A quick demonstration of what my grinding gauges do. Same shape blade, same wheel, same thickness. The top blade had a .125" gauge, the lower one a .063". You can see how the grind goes further up the lower blade, and is steeper on the top one.

Plunges! The hunting and outdoor knives get plunge grinds. Keeping them even and consistent was difficult before I rebuilt my work rest...well...replaced it actually. I ended up making all new parts. If your work rest is off, the plunges will not line up, and it will be impossible to line them up. If you're a free hand grinder then this doesn't matter, because you have next level talent! Another thing that stops you from making good grinds is a wheel being out of true. My 8" wheel is out of true and I'm designing a truing fixture to fix it. We'll talk about that at a later date, right now it's only in my head. These were ground on my 12" no truing issues tonight.

8 blades ground tonight. That's AFTER the gym! I must be motivated or something. Using that inertia as best I can. These need the flats reground to a near finished state and then they will be ready for heat treat.

The Hunter I've been working on. The epoxy finally cured. I sanded off the excess and waxed the blade with hard wax. A trip through the buffer with a clean wheel...another coat of wax...and another buff. It's ready to hand off to have a sheath made. Once the sheath is done, I will do another waxing and mark the blade. Looking really good so far!

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