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Thursday, December 8, 2011

More on the gun box

Building the display box for the Navy revolver has been a lot of fun, and I'm learning a lot from it. The grooves for the back have all been cut into it. The panel will be inset 1/2" to allow for the wall mount, which will be a French cleat. Following the suggestion of a fellow Creeker, I elected to groove all for sides straight through. (there were lots of good suggestions, but in the end I had to pick just one to go with) This will leave hollows in a few of the tails. That problem is easily remedied by making plugs that will fill the gaps, and be largely invisible. We'll get to those later. Here's the grooving operation, and some of the work holding solutions to overcome the fact that sometimes smaller pieces are harder to clamp.
The sides, top, and bottom, all grooved. I'll need to put plugs into the ends of the grooves on the two tail boards.

The Veritas small plow plane is easily one of my favorite tools.

The bottom of the box. On the pin board, grooves present very little problem, you can place the groove into the socket, and it gets sealed off by the tail.

My work holding situation did not allow for easy clamping for pieces this size. The solution was to set the tail boards next to each other and use battens to bring it all together. Worked like a charm!

Another view of the tail boards clamped for grooving.

The top piece of the box was also too narrow to I set it up the same way that I did for the tail boards.
We're almost there. I have the panel down to final thickness, which required another planing appliance. The panel just needs to be fit, and the plugs need to be installed. At that point the box will be complete, and only the hanging device and mount for the revolver remain!

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