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Sunday, October 16, 2016

New Pair of Knives

This is the latest pair of "Outdoor" knives that I've made. That name comes from a general lack of anything to call them. They are about 6" long with 2 3/4" blades.

I really like this shape.

Bubinga handles with brass/SS Loveless fasteners and a brass lanyard tube.

There are thin brass liners under the wood scales. A decorative touch.

Look close and you'll see the masking tape still on the blade. Anyway, I really like how woods like bubinga look after they soak up some oil and get a coat or two of shellac.

Blue and black G10 handles with stainless/nickel Loveless fasteners and a stainless lanyard tube.

Detail of the black liners.

I love that the same design can be represented in two very different fashions. One, quite modern, the other is more classic.

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