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Monday, October 10, 2016

First Customer Knife

Until now, any knife you've seen here has been made for my own learning. A few have been given as gifts. The second knife I made was given to my friend to say, "thanks," for getting me into this mess. best that was a rough knife. But mentors understand their students, and he knew where I was going. And, being the gracious teacher that he is, he appreciated the gift. Almost a year later, and just short of forty knives, I believe my skills have advanced quite a bit.(in other words, I think I've taken the learning curve in stride...some folks learn this much faster, some slower)
.A new friend of mine, a professional chef, asked for a paring knife. Based on my asking price of $75 we actually came to an agreement on a barter. This is her knife. I think it's pretty cool...

I'm calling this shape the "modern" paring knife. About 8" overall with composite (G10) handles.

I gave her some color options for the handle. Red/black was the choice. Unbeknownst to me at the black G10 was actually white/black. Happy accident!

I've decided to call this handle the "black heart candy cane"...there's a story there, and we're not getting into it.

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